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No one knows for sure where we are now and where we are heading for at great speed

Bron: Wim Nuijten, TU Eindhoven - 12 mei 2023

How do you make sure that Artificial Intelligence technology continues to serve humanity while protecting the rights of individuals? This is the question MEPs are working on as part of the development of the AI Act, that TU/e is also provides input for. But this European act is not yet in place and in the meantime, systems like GPT-4 (the engine behind ChatGPT) continue to develop at a frantic pace. This is happening way too fast, reads an open letter signed by many prominent technologists, including several TU/e researchers. An interview with Wim Nuijten, scientific director of the Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute.

The open letter, which was published online a month ago, calls for a development pause for large AI experiments because it argues that the developments are moving too fast and their consequences would be incalculable. More than 25 thousand people signed the letter, including many leaders in the world of Artificial Intelligence and a few TU/e researchers. Wim Nuijten, who is the scientific director of the Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute (EAISI), also signed the letter. He thinks that we should take the risks of the development development of an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) seriously, because it such AI systems could potentially endanger the existence of humanity.

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