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Amazon is coming. Game over for the insurance industry?

Bron: IT InsurTech News - 13 december 2017

“Did you hear? Amazon is coming. We are in deep s***,” said one insurance board member to another at the EXECinsurtech conference in Cologne, Germany. Amazon opening a new division in London – and targeting the insurance market – was the most debated topic at the conference, at least when there were no cameras around.

Amazon changes the game
Only recently, after a first consolidation in the fintech and insurtech market, have incumbents begun to feel safe again. There might never be an Uber-Moment in insurance industry after all, a lot thought. The worst thing that might happen would be the rise of an insurtech company threatening certain market segments or parts of the value chain, others said. In this “worst-case scenario” – even if it would have become a unicorn - one of the top incumbents would have spent some spare money to buy it. This strategy was indicated by Allianz when building its partnership with Lemonade. The savings kept in hold by large, midsize, and even small insurers are so expansive that many of them could buy large parts of the insurtech ecosystem right out of their pockets. With the advent of Amazon, this has changed. Today, Amazon is coming with full force in the West (and Tencent in China with Wesure as part of Wechat – but that’s a different story), and no insurer has enough cash to easily buy this top dog in an attempt to prevent disruption in the insurance market.

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